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Un Identified Dead Bodies

Sl No. Case Reference Gender Descriptive Particulars of Dead Body Identification Status Date of Identication Place of Dead Body Found Photo
1 Kumbharpada PS UD Case No.07 Dt-16.2.17 Male

about 50 yrs (Beggar) Drs of of unknown Male dead body is Ht.5FT 4 Inch, thin built, black complexion, long face and wearing one old pink colour shirt light green colour suiter and one bedsheet.

near cycle stand of East-Cost Railway station, Puri
2 elang PS UD Case No.02 Dt-1.2.17 Male

40-45 yrs having no face, black complexion, Ht-5’7” wearing appearls was black full pant one white full check shirt

Kumuka Jungle near village Kuapada under Delang PS
3 Kumbharpada PS UD Case No.03 Dt-16.01.17 Male

Drs of unknown dead body is aged about 55Yrs

One unknown male died on 15.1.17 night near Narendra Tank by the side of road sitting on a wheal rickshaw as a handicraft person & living as beggar
4 Seabeach PS UD Case No.03 Dt-06.01.17 Male

One unknown male dead body was found lying dead at Puri (.) Having following Drs of unknown dead body is aged about 70Yrs, Ht 5’4”, strong built, fair complexion, round face, wearing a brown colour small napkin

sea shore infront of Hotel Mahadadhi Nivas and one small bag found lying near the dead body on the body of bag written in english Mahima Grarments
5 Baliapanda PS UD Case No.06 dt.20.4.2014 Male

Aged –35Yrs
Ht – 5’6”
Complexion – Black
Built – thin
Face type –long
Cloth worn – Wearing faded full pant & blue black & white stripe full shirt.

hanging on a branch of Akasia Tree at Baliapanda
6 Seabeach PS UD Case No.08 dt.12.4.2014 Male

Aged –55Yrs
Ht – 5’5”
Complexion – Black
Built – thin
Face type –long
Cloth worn – Wearing Dhoti

hanging at Seabeach, Puri in front of SatalahadiMatha
7 Kumbharpada PS UD Case No.07 dt.17.3.2014 Male

Aged –55Yrs
Ht – 5’5”
Complexion – Black
Built – thin
Face type –long
Cloth worn – Nil

at Raybahadur lane near Gopabandhu Colony, Puri
8 Astaranga PS UD Case No.03 dt.29.3.2015 Male

Aged – 30 to 32Yrs
Ht – 5’5”
Complexion – wheat
Built – thin
Face type – long
Cloth worn – pant & shirt

Floating inside water of river Kadua
9 Sadar PS UD Case No.05 dt.27.1.2015 Male

Aged –55 to 58Yrs
Ht – 5’7”
Complexion – Black
Built – medium
Face type – Round
Cloth worn – Gray colour print pant

Puri –Konark marine drive road Near Nagapatana Chhak.