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Weather of Puri


(Puri Beach)

Puri being located on India's Eastern coast, the cool breeze from the Bay of Bengal makes the tropical weather in Puri more bearable as compared to interior Odisha. The summer months from March to May are hot and humid, with temperatures rising to over 39° C.
Puri faces the south west monsoon in June, and temperatures fall to around 28° C till October. The rainfall peaks to around 250 mm during July and August, and dips to approximately 127mm by October.
Winter in Puri makes its presence felt from November, when temperatures start falling to maintain an average of 16° centigrade in December and January. Cold winds from the North North east keep the temperatures low in spite of the bright sunshine. However, this is the most pleasant time of the year for visitors to Puri.

Weather Information

Summer: March to May
Average Maximum Temperature 36°C
Average Minimum Temperature 24°C
Average Precipitation 40 mm
Winter:November to February
Average Maximum Temperature 28°C
Average Minimum Temperature 17°C
Average Precipitation 23 mm
Monsoon : June to October
Average Maximum Temperature 32°C
Average Minimum Temperature 25°C
Average Precipitation 220 mm