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Traffic Aid Post

The posts will be within 200 mtrs from a Market area, where minimum facilities can be available. These aid posts should not be located at the curves. All the Traffic aid post will come under specific setions and the sector officers shall check to duties of respective Aid Posts coming under their sector. Police Traffic Aid Posts will be arranged during RathaYatra as follows :

  1. Puri-Bhubaneswar Road (N.H. – 203)
  2. Atharanala under Sadar PS.
  3. BiraHarekrushnapur Bazar Crossing under Sadar PS.
  4. Samjajpur Level Crossing under Satyabadi PS.
  5. Pattnaikaa under Satyabadi PS.
  6. Baghuabanka Crossing under Pipili PS
  7. Tarakaja under Pipili PS.
  8. BJD Party Office Divertion Point on NH By – pass under Pipili PS.
  9. Uttara Crossing.


  1. Chupuring crossing under Brahmagiri PS.
  2. Sukal crossing under Satyabadi PS.
  3. Puri to uttara via konark, Nimapara and Balipatna.
  4. Balighat Crossing under Kumbharapada PS
  5. Grid Station.
  6. Balighai crossing under Sadar PS.
  7. Ramachandi crossing under Konark PS.
  8. Konark – Kakatpur Diversion under Konark PS.
  9. Gop Bazar under Gop PS.
  10. Nimapara Bazar under Nimapara PS.



  1. Hospital Crossing.
  2. Badasankha.
  3. GopalswamyChhaka
  4. Subas Bose Crossing.
  5. Gadadhar High School.
  6. GanduaChaura.
  7. Nrusingha Temple.
  8. JatiaBabajiChhak
  9. Jhadeswarichhak.
  10. Central School.