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  1. Remain alert and vigilant. for suspicious bags, packages or vehicles; people acting suspiciously at stations and airports, and report any concerns to the police or the appropriate authorities.
  2. Many extremists seek other identities to protect themselves. Don’t help them by leaving important identification documents such as passports and driving licences vulnerable to theft.
  3. Extremists also need money to finance their operations. They get it by both legal and illegal means. Make sure you are not funding extremists: take care of your credit cards and other financial records, and do not donate or contribute to a collection if you are unsure where the money is going.
  4. Maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.
  5. If you have tip-offs or confidential information about possible terrorist activity, call the police.
  6. All men & women entering the temple/Imp Places must pass through the DFMDs.
  7. Nobody shall be allowed to enter inside the temple/Imp Places with any article, viz. bags, vanity bags, packets, cameras etc.
  8. Regular and continuous flow of visitors shall be ensured and none should be allowed to stand by or congregate in and around the gates.