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Community Policing


Community Policing

“Sensitized Police for Empowered Society”

The Ama Police (Community Policing) functioning in Puri district vide Letter No.6274/Con dt.24.11.2012 of Director General of Police, Odisha, Cuttack. The Ama Police (Community Policing) is a noble idea to closely interact with the general public, in all matter pertaining to Law & Order and safe guarding the life & property of the general public through Ama Police general public comes more close to the Police and shares the difficulties of their area regarding Crime, Criminal and Law & Order problems by which the general public becomes pro-Police andboth unite together to overcome the problems in Ama Police, Police act as a catalyst of in the social engineering experiments. The Ama Police (Community Policing) fast functioning in Town PS but now all Police Stations of this district are functioning in Ama Police (Community Policing)

Guidelines issued vide Home Department Letter No 12664 dt 26 March, 2013 on successful implementation of the "AMA POLICE" scheme.

Community Policing scheme has been  launched by Puri Police to instill faith and  establish confidence on general public upon Police, with a sacred purpose of better interaction between Police and Public. Sri Lalit Das, IPSSpl. Secretary to Govt, Home Department, Govt of Odisha.was pleased to inaugurate the Community Policing “Ama Police” at Town PS, Puri on 1stApril 2013, on the Day of Utkal Diwas and also Odisha Police Formation Day.

IIC, Town PS, Puri has been designated as chairperson of the Community Policing scheme, “Ama Police”. One Community Relation Officer is  in-charge of the desk, The Ama Police system covers 14 beats & 60 Sahis. The Community Policing system is comprising of 14 community Officer who perform their duty under the guidance of Community Relation Officer. They have  been assign with job to move from  door to door in their allotted beat and report information regarding any incident of theft, robbery and misbehavior by the outsider/senior citizen to the Community Relation Officer they will also  share with inhabitants during their pleasure and gripe . In case of any help required to be render for the senior citizen these Community Officer shall take on all necessary steps to help the needy and  persons in trouble. The Ama Police system has also incorporated some leading people of the sahis who are designated as Ama PoliceSurakhyaSamitee members.The said samitee member will liase with the chair person of the Ama Police i.e IIC, Town PS, Puri regarding holding of meetings from time to time to discus about the problems of the local people of the sahis. 17 samitee members are working from different sahis The first meeting of the “ Ama Police” samiteewas held on 01.04.2013.

DSP, City, Puri has been entrusted as supervising officer of Community Policing “Ama Police”.


    1. Prevention of Crimes.
    2. Furthering co-operation and mutual understanding between Police and the community.
    3. Furthering Security-related mutual co-operation among citizenry.
    4. House Visit’ by the CPO – acts as a ‘linking pin’ between the community and Police Station
    5. Community empowerment & empowerment of the constabulary
    6.  Reduced trust-deficit between community and police, free-flow of information
    7. Synergy of Community resources in crime prevention
    8. Better sense of security
    9. Helps strengthening internal security

    List of Ama Police Samitee in Police Stations of Puri district



  • Constabulary feels empowered.
  • Public feels empowered.
  • Vulnerable sections especially women feel empowered.
  • Smaller issues affecting the community like drunkenness,      gambling, street fights, eve teasing, loitering, wife beating etc. have reduced significantly.
  • Inflow of information regarding crime has improved.
  •  Public appreciates the problems being faced by police.
  • Accessibility of Police to people and vice-versa has increased.
  • Public support in handling important law and order problem and communal situation has been garnered.

Positive Results of Ama Police:

  • Close cooperation between police  and public.
  • Attitudinal change in the behaviour of the police personnel.
  • Increased interaction of the police personnel with citizens.   Interaction on mobile phones.
  • Prompt response by police.
  • Information flow helping in controlling the crime.
  • Empowerment of constables.