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Preventive Measures

  1. Special initiative taken under the District to improve law and order :- All PSs have been instructed to collect advance intelligence regarding any possible trouble.
  2. The Police personnel of the district are advised to keep watch over the movement of Extremists / Naxlites.
  3. All field officers have been advised to sensitize to the field functionaries to keep sharp watch over the communal situations and attend all matter relating to land disputes and visit spot followed by enquiry, submit PRs and such intervention of revenue officials to solve the chronic issues.
  4. All PS level officer have been instructed to organize a special drive to reduce the pendency of warrants in their PS and to look die hard anti-social / liquor mafia / tender mafia in their PS under NSA to maintain peace.
  5. The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad with all required equipment are vigilant round the clock to meet any exigency.
  6. Anti-sabotage check is being conducted against suspicious objects and vulnerable places
  7. The video camera teams are ready for a close watch of crowd.
  8. Intelligence agencies are alert to lure and nab the terrorists BEFORE they commit an act of sabotage.