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Extremist Scenario

The Temple of Lord Jagannath, Puri is classified as a Category – A(High Risk) temple requiring Level – II protection. In view of recent attack on places of worship in the entire country and abroad, extra alertness is required for the temple security. Besides, during the ensuing Ratha Yatra period there will be huge gathering of devotees and pilgrims from all over the country and abroad. The fundamentalist / terrorist / outfits may try to target the temple as well as the crowd for subversive activities. The most likely threat will be from planting of explosives / improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS) / Remote control devices at vulnerable places in and around the temple as well as inside the crowd especially at Bus Stand, Rly. Station, places of stay of VIPs and pilgrims etc. Following arrangement is made to counter any terrorist attack / subversive activities during ensuing Ratha Yatra and Nabakalebar.

Anti-terrorist Check Post / Interception Unit

Anti-terrorist Check Posts established at Puri will be well furnished and equipped with a V.H.F. Set and a vehicle fitted with V.H.F. Set for emergency use / inception. Check post will be manned by two young officers as in-charge and one platoon of force. They will intercept any suspicious vehicle and to respond to any kind of outfit coming inside / outside escaping from Puri town. The persons deputed at the check posts will check any vehicle found to be suspicious without causing traffic obstruction or inconvenience.

Anti-terrorist Unit

Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) consisting of one unit of SOG under the charge of Subedar will be deployed at different places during festival days. The team will be guided by one local officer / Havildar with a Manpack Set. All the force will be dressed with bullet proof jackets and other accessories to counter any terrorist attack and to respond to any kind of emergency.

Roof Top Arrangement

One constable along with one homeguard equipped with V.H.F. Manpack Set and binocular deployed on the  Roof Tops near Jagannath temple & Gundicha Temple on surveillance duty. They will keep close watch on the anti-social activities at crowd and if any untoward incident noticed , he will immediately inform the matter to the control room and nearby staff for attending the situation promptly.

Deployment at Shree Jagannath temple and Gundicha temple Gates

One section of force under one officer deployed at four gates of lord Jagannath temple and same way at Lions Gate of Gundicha Temple, Nrusingha temple Side Gate and Nakachana Dwar for frisking of devotees and crowd control. If any suspects found immediately they will apprehend him and deal accordingly.

Watch Tower in Sea Beach

Two life Guards (Home Guards of Nolia Community) equipped with Binocular, Man pack Set, Search Light and Megaphone will be deployed on each Watch Tower per shift. They will perform surveillance duty and check any intruder from sea. If any such activities found, they will immediately contact nearby Marine PSs and the Control Room to take necessary action.They will also keep close watch on the anti-social activities on beach and will immediately interfere and also keep strict eyes on the persons taking Sea bath and will ensure their safe bath. They will also rescue the persons and will keep close liaison with the life Guards available in beach for rescue operation.

Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad

The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad with all required equipment and vehicles should be available at the Town PS round the clock to meet any exigency. The man-pack set provided to the squad should remain open round the clock. One Subedar will assist the AC for timely movement of B.D.D. Squad as and when required. On getting information of bomb detected or suspected, the team will rush immediately to the spot and cordon the area by utilising force and try to diffuse and disposal the bomb safely. They will see that utmost safety of people gathered there and they should not be panicked and stamped among them.

Sniffer Dog Team

Sniffer dogswill be utilised to check around Sri Mandira Meghanada Pacheri before the festival begin, they shall also check the roadsides. drains, garbage’s dumps, suspicious articles, found lying on the road or otherwise. They also go for random sniffing of bags and baggage’s at bus-stand and railway station. The teams will also use the dog for Anti Sabotage check at all places of stay of VIPs .

Guarding of Vital Installations

          Vital installation such as Grid Station (On Marine Drive Road), GRID Station at Asutosh Math Crossing, PHD Water Pump at Ghoda Bazar, PHD Water Pump at Uttara Dwar, Tota Gopinath Pump Chamber, Lokanath Temple, Chakratirtha Pump Chamber(Talabani) and Telephone Exchange (Near Rly. Station) and guarded round the clock against sabotage .

Anti-sabotage Check

  1. The anti-sabotage check team shall conduct anti-sabotage check on the tree chariots at least thrice a day, three days before commencement of Rath Yatra.
  2. Anti-sabotage check must be conducted against suspicious objects and vulnerable places viz fresh digging, closed shops, abandoned, vehicles, vehicles out of place, unclaimed, objects, loose wires and electric fittings on the roads, garbage pits, cut vegetation, dump of brick/saw dust, waste basket and disposal caves, sitting areas near Ratha Chakada dias and platform in and around Lion’s Gate, etc on Grand Road must be checked against planting of any expolsive deice. All the places of stay of VIP should be subjected to thorough anti-sabotage check.
  3. Anti Sabotage check must be conducted near Gundicha Temple and on Bahuda Day from Gundicha Temple to Jagannath Temple on Grand Road both the side.
  4. The Anti Sabotage check team detailed for Bus Stand and Railway Station shall frisk suspected persons and shall also conduct similar anti sabotage check against article /  places as mentioned in . they will also check all places of stay of VIP and cover the VIP route.