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Police Control Room


The Control Room is the main co-coordinating point for the entire district. It shall receive information and disseminate information to the concerned officer of relevant department / Posts / P.C.R. for immediate action.

Sl No. Name Rank Contact Details Photograph
1 Inspector Samarendra Paikaray Office No.: 06752-223558(O)
Mobile No.:94370-59912
2 I/C Integrated contral room Office No.: 06752-223558(O)
Mobile No :

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  1. Enable prompt handling of emergency situation through use of latest advancements in information and communication technology.
  2. Improe the communication link between the callers (members of the public etc.) and Police.
  3. Provide membes of the public uniteruppted 24X7 access to the Police Control Room by dialing 100.
  4. Minimize the response time of plice to any situation requiring immediate police intervention through quick and efficient transmission of information from the Control Room to PCR vehicles and vice-versa.
  5. Enable correct and prompt dissemination of information by providing connectivity through LAN, thus increasing the efficiency of police.
  6. Ensure transparency and accountability of the police personnel, manning the Modern Police Control Room as well as PCR Vehicles.


On receipt of information from the Control Room, the police personnel manning PCR vehicles are promptly providing assistance to the local police in accident cases and incidents of law and order, traffic problems etc. They are also proactively providing assistance to members of the public, particularly women and children in distress, sick or elderly people. On many occasions, prompt action by the staff of PCR vehicles has resulted in saving valuable lives by way of preventing and rescuing persons while attempting to commit suicide, shifting of sick/injured while in distress condition to thesatety.

  1. It shall also be in regular touch with the Subsidiary Control Rooms and gather information and disseminate the information to concerned post / officer etc.
  2. It shall keep track of CCTV footage and relay it to the concerned office /post for necessary action.
  3. It shall also closely watch the Television installed in the control room and pass information / instructions to officers and post for their information and necessary action.
  4. It shall use VHF, Telephones and Mobile sets for communications.
  5. It shall maintain a Log Book and enter important information in the Log Book.
  6. It shall keep track of inflow and out flow of pilgrims by communicating to various posts including Traffic Post.
  7. It shall be in constant touch with the Traffic Aid Posts at BiraHarekrushnsapur, Grid Station Chhak and collect information about inflow and out flow of Piligrims along with their vehicles.
  8. Co-ordinate with all sister agencies who shall be seated in the next room and get the work done and meet the exigency on priority basis.

Contact Address

Address V.H.F. Control Room
Grand Road, Puri
PIN 752001
Office No. 06752-223558
FAX 06752-223280
Email ID sppri(dot)orpol(at)nic(dot)in