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Crime and Criminal Tracking Networking System


Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) project aims to create a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effective policing at all levels and especially at the Police Station level including citizen services which are the integral part of CCTNS project.

The CCTNS project envisions to create services that can be availed directly by the citizens through the nearest available mode such as internet, police station etc. This also implies that the police personnel would have access to citizen complaints and requests from different sources in a real time manner; which will enable faster means of resolution to a complaint or service request from the citizen.

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) is a plan scheme conceived in the light of experience of a non-plan scheme namely – Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA). CCTNS is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Pan of Govt of India. CCTNS aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing through adopting of principle of e-Governance and creation of a nationwide networking infrastructure for evolution of IT-enabled-state-of-the-art tracking system around ‘Investigation of crime and detection of criminals
About Citizen Portal

This service of CCTNS project shall enable Citizens to send their requests for services to Police through online citizen service portal (over internet) and track status of registered service requests. Citizens' requests for services include complaint registration, servant and tenant verification, passport verification services, general service requests such as Licenses for arms, permission for processions/rallies etc.

Citizens will be able to access the citizen centric services like Enquiries/Information Seeking/ General Service Request / Track Status etc. both at state level and at central level i.e. to NCRB depending upon the type of service request the citizen has initiated. Separate functionality for the state & the central level has been developed and which will be deployed in the State &Centre.

Objectives of ‘CCTNS’

The objectives of the Scheme can broadly be listed as follows:

  • Make the Police functioning citizen friendly and more transparent by automating the functioning of Police Stations.
  • Improve delivery of citizen-centric services through effective usage of ICT.
  • Provide the Investigating Officers of the Civil Police with tools, technology and information to facilitate investigation of crime and detection of criminals
  • Improve Police functioning in various other areas such as Law and Order, Traffic Management etc.
  • Facilitate Interaction and sharing of Information among Police Stations, Districts, State/UT headquarters and other Police Agencies.
  • Assist senior Police Officers in better management of Police Force
  • Keep track of the progress of Cases, including in Courts
  • Reduce manual and redundant Records keeping

Benefits to Citizens

  • Multiple channels to access services from police.
  • Simplified process for registering petitions/complaints.
  • Simplified process for accessing general services such as requests for certificates, verifications, and permissions etc.
  • Simplified process and accurate means of tracking the progress of the case during trials.
  • Simplified and access to view and generate report on unclaimed/recovered vehicles, property, and missing persons.
  • Simplified process and channel for grievance registration.
  • Faster and assured response from police to any emergency calls for assistance.

Important Citizen Services covered

  • Citizens Charter: – This charter will list down all the services available for citizens with associated timelines in which the police have to deliver the service to the citizens. The charter will also detail out the credentials of superior officers whom one has to contact in case of any grievances w.r.t citizen service not being met in time. The citizen charter will be prepared as per the Public Services guarantee act of the respective State/UT, relevant provisions of RTI 4 (1)b of Right to Information Act, National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy 2012.
  • Complaint Registration: – Citizens will get a facility to register their complaints directly from internet in case they choose not to visit the concerned police station initially. Citizens will also be able to modify/view the registered complaint and track its status online.
  • Domestic Help Verification Request: – For domestic help, citizen can raise a request through online portal and can get the complete status of the verification done.
  • Tenant/Paying Guest (PG) Verification Request: – Citizen (Owner) of the flat/house/shop etc will get a facility to verify their tenant/PG details.
  • Senior Citizen Registration: – Person of the age of 60 yrs or above and residing alone or with spouse are eligible for Online Registration. Citizen does not need to visit the police station for their registration. Citizen will get this service online and check its confirmation for successful registration.
  • Passport Verification Request: – Police verification required for issuance of passport. Organization will raise a request and can get the status of individual verification online for passport issuance.
  • Employee Verification: – Employer can apply for a employee verification request for background verification check to verify the individual's authenticity before employment and also can get the status of verification online.
  • Character Certificate Request: – Most of the government/overseas employers need a candidate's police character certificate. For character certificate, Citizen may apply for the certificate and can get the status of character certificate on the citizen portal, online.
  • Arm License Request :- Citizen will raise a request for arm license and also check the status of their service request
  • Private Security Agency Verification: – Citizens (Organizations) will be able to register their request for verification of security agency. The prior verification of security agencies is mandated by law before acquiring license to operate as security agency.
  • Event/Performance Request: – For any event/performance, Citizen can raise a request for their event/performance activity on police citizen portal and can check the status online for its confirmation.
  • Protest/Strike/Rally etc. Registration Request: – If any kind of protest/strike/rally is being planned in any area, citizen need to take a prior approval. Citizen can apply for any protest online and can get the confirmation online through this portal.
  • Foreigner Registration Request: – Request for foreigner registration can be logged through citizen portal and can check the status online.
  • C-Form Request: – This form is for foreigner who visits in India and it is mandatory for all hotels. Citizen can fill the form online and submit it for further action.
  • Status Search: – One can search the current status of any service request / Complaint / FIR registered, online.
  • Citizen Information :- To view information pertaining to – Missing Persons, Proclaimed Offenders, Stolen Vehicles, Recovered Vehicles, Rewards on Criminals/Absconders/Pending warrants under different police stations/Unidentified Dead Bodies and Abandoned/Unclaimed Property
  • FAQs: – Frequently asked questions with regards to registration of complaints and service requests, would be made available to the citizens.
  • Data Sharing: – Police will be sharing all such information and data as permissible under Section 4(1) (b) of Right To Information Act, National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy 2012 and Public Services guarantee Act of that particular State/UT etc. as per the government policies and permitted under existing laws. There will be certain terms and conditions as laid down by the existing government policies, guidelines, instructions and laws which every citizen in the country will have to abide by, while accessing and sharing such data made available to him/her, in public interest. The confidentiality and privacy issues will be applicable as per the existing laws and government guidelines/ instructions.
  • Links to other relevant sites.
  • NCRB Citizen Interface: – The service shall enable the citizens to access/ search the NCRB National Database on the data (ex, Stolen Vehicles / Property, Missing Persons, etc.) that is approved to be made accessible to public. The system would enable the citizens to view the NCRB National Database (limited to the data permitted to be made accessible to public) to enable the citizens to search the NCRB National Database (limited to the data permitted to be made accessible to public).

CCTNS Project - Attachment of Police Personnel to DTC to assist District Trainer to impart training under CCTNS Project.

CCTNS Project - District level infrastructure Committee

CCTNS Project - Security related to digitised data at District Digitisation Centre

List of Police Stations for inclusion under CCTNS Project

Utilisation of Hand holding personnel in the district under CCTNS Project