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OPR&W Fund

OPR&W Fund

1. Medical Advance:

Interest free Medical Advances are being sanctioned from O.P.R&W Fund on receipt of application for the treatment of Police personnel and their dependant family members i.e self, wife, son and daughter, who are suffering from various disease i.e Cancer, Heart problems, Kidney failure etc. which is being recouped from their salary in easy instalments or R.C.M bills, which ever is earlier.

Medical Advance Application forms.

2.Death Relief:

Contributory Death Relief collected from all ranks is being provided to the NOK of each deceased Police personnel while in service .

Form for sanction of Compassionate Grant in favour of Next Of Kin(N.O.K.) of the deceased Govt. Servant who killed while on Duty.

3. Payment of Obsequies Money:

Obsequies money @ 5000/- each is being sanctioned from O.P.R&W Fund.

4. Sanction of Ex-gratia amount:

Ex-gratia amount is being sanctionedfrom O.P.R&W Fund in general cases as per the Govt. order on top priority basis.

5. Sanction of Funds during Natural Calamities:

During Natural Calamities like Flood, Cyclone etc. Money is being sanctioned from O.P.R&W Fund for distribution of Dry Foods to the Flood / Cyclone victims by organising the " POLICE KARUNA CAMP " at different Flood / Cyclone affected areas.