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Private Security Agency

Private Security Agencies is quite old, going back to the origins of human civilization. Security agencies play an important role in society, they make a different by helping people corporate in a set and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.   As  Puri district is a Holi place large number of devotes are coming to Puri for enjoyment. There are so many hotels and guesthouses located at Puri Town. For safety and security of visitors there are numbers of security organization engaged in and around different   places.

The Private Security Agencies(Regulation) Act-2005.

The Orissa Private Security Agencies Rules-2009

Some private security organization working in Puri are-

  1. G-45 Security Head office-Delhi Regional Office-BBSRhaving license No3733/C, date of issue 19.11.2011.validupto 18.11.2016 engaged at ITC guest house, Seven hills, Thousands.
  2. Red Dragon Security Head office-West Bengalhaving license No.P-701/2014 Dtd.3.3.2014valid upto 2.3.2015 engaged at Hotel Blue Lilly, Hotel Hans Coco Palm. Hotel Chariot.
  3. Industrial Security Head Office-BBSR having license No.06/PSA/SB,Dtd.11.9.2014 valid upto 10.9.2019engaged at Hotel Sterlin Resort, Iskcon, Hotel JeevanSandhya, Hotel Sandhya, Hotel Sand-E- villa, Chandibadi, Hotel Tower Bangla, Hotel Laxmijyoti, Hotel Tara Palace, Holiday Home Bhajani, Asha Project Infrastructure.