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Trafic Rules and Regulation

Rules of road regulations 1989

KEEP LEFT on a two-way road to allow vehicle behind you to over take from your right.

WHEN TURNING LEFT, keep to the left side of the road

SLOW DOWN at road junctions, intersections, pedestrian crossings and road corners

HAND SIGNALS are necessary at certain times, when slowing down, when stopping, when turning right

DIRECTION INDICATORS Better use directions indicators instead of hand signal

WEARING A HELMET FOR TWO WHEELER DRIVERS is a statutory requirement.

DO NOT PARK at or near a road crossing or on top of a hill or on a footpath

THE REGISTRATION MARK of the vehicle should be clear, legible and visible at all times.

DO NOT DRIVE on a one way road except in the direction permitted.

DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW LINE dividing the road even while overtaking.

DO NOT CROSS THE STOP LINE painted on the road when you stop at a road junction or intersection or a pedestrian crossing.

TOWING IS PERMITTED only for mechanically disabled

USE THE HORN only when essential and do not use it in a silence zone.

DIRECTIONS GIVEN TO DRIVERS either through police officers regulating traffic or through road signs or traffic signals should be followed at all times.

MAINTAIN AN ADEQUATE DISTANCE from the vehicle ahead

DO NOT BRAKE SUDDENLY except for safety reasons.

ON MOUNTAINS AND STEEP ROADS the vehicle driving uphill must be given the right of way by vehicles coming downhill.

WHEN ROAD REPAIR WORK is going on, slow down

DRIVERS OF TRACTORS AND GOODS VEHICLES are prohibited from carrying passengers for hire or reward

DO NOT CARRY GOODS on a motor vehicle in a manner that may cause danger to any person

CARRY ONLY ONE PILLION RIDER on your two wheeler.

DO NOT DRIVE BACKWARDS longer than necessary

ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO PEDESTRIANS if there is danger to their safety.

NEVER INDULGE IN ZIG-ZAG DRIVING, especially on two wheelers.

DO NOT OVERTAKE another vehicle that has stopped at a pedestrian school crossing.

YOU MUST GIVE WAY to pedestrians when you are entering or leaving private property such as a driveway.