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Man Missing

Sl No. Name of Police Station Name & parentage of missing child Gender Descriptive Particulars PS MMR No. & Case Ref. Traced (Date of recovery be mentioned) If traced reason for missing as ascertained during the investigation Photo
81 Konark PS MMR No.01 dt 15/01/16 Kadha Kandy W/O Lt Giridhari Kandy of Beruhan female

54yrs, Ht 5’4”, medium, fair, wearing white and print colour saree missing on 11.1.16 & traced on 16.1.16

82 Seabeach PS MMR No.02 dt 14/01/16 Kabita Das W/O Lt Guru Charan Das of Binjharpur Dist Jajpur female

50yrs, Ht 5’, fair, Medium missing on 14.1.16 & traced on 20.1.16

83 Kakatpur PS MMR No.01 dt 23/01/16 Babi Muduli Daughter in law of Balaram Muduli of Baghamunda female

34 yrs, Ht 5’4’’, fair, wearing Saree missing on 22.1.16

84 Kumbharpada PS SDE No.199 MMR No.01 dt 09.1.16 Sumina @ Rupashree Jena W/o Subasish Jena of Baragada, BBSR female

35yrs, Ht 5’5”, wheat, thin, long, wearing black colour chudidar Punjabi missing on 10.1.16, traced on 8.1.16

85 Baselisahi PS MMR No.01 dt 03/01/16 Mamina Sahoo W/O Chandrakanta Sahoo of Tentulia female

28yrs, Ht 5’3”, wheat, medium missing on 15.12.15

86 Balanga PS MMR No.01 dt 03/01/16 Swarnarekha Panda W/O Godbinda Chandra Panda of Mandiakuda female

32 yrs, Ht 5’4”, fair, medium, wearing yellow saree missing on 30.12.15 traced vide SDE 47 Dt.3.1.16

87 Satyabadi PS MMR No.02 dt 28/01/16 Mamina Begum D/o SK Dhadu of Ahammadpur female

19yrs, Ht 4’, black, thin, wearing Red colour chudidar Punjabi missing on 27.1.16

88 Kausalyaganga OP(Pipili PS) SDE No.423 dt 25/01/16 MMR No.01/16 K. Suryanarayan Acharee S/o K. Enkad At/Po Uttarasasan, plot No.960/1477 Dist Puri that his Niece J. Rajalaxmi Acharee,was missing PS Pipili, female

, 22yrs, Ht 5’, medium, Medium, wearing chudidar Punjabi missing on 24.1.16

89 Nimapara PS MMR No.04/16 Binu Behera W/O Trinath Behera of vill Tala Andhia female

21yrs, Ht 5’2”, wheat complexion, medium built

90 Pipili PS SDE No. 492 & MMR No.03 dt 22/01/16 Sunita Baral D/o Sadan Baral female

23yrs, Ht 5’4’’, Wheat, Medium, wearing black colour printed chudidar Punjabi missing on 13.1.16