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Man Missing

Sl No. Name of Police Station Name & parentage of missing child Gender Descriptive Particulars PS MMR No. & Case Ref. Traced (Date of recovery be mentioned) If traced reason for missing as ascertained during the investigation Photo
71 Brahmagiri PS MMR No.03 dt 14.1.16 Arjuna Sethy F/O Abhimanyu Sethy of Nilakanthpur male

70 yrs, Ht 5’8”, fair, medium, wearing blue lungi, coffee colour shirt missing on 13.1.16

72 Town PS MMR No.29 dt 25/12/15 Rabi Mahato S/O Lt Mahindi Mahato of Chunardish, PS Purulia, WB has been missing from Bihar Atithi Bhawan, Puri male

67 yrs, Ht 5’7”, black, round, wearing black colour full pant and black white colour shirt, Missing on 25.12.15 & traced on 2.1.16

73 Seabeach PS MMR No.05 dt 21/01/16 Chappal Jaga S/O Lt Chappal Appana of Bangaramme Barafa, Penthakata male

50 to 55 yrs, Ht 5’3”, black, sound, right leg and right hand affected by paralysis missing on 17.1.16

74 Balanga PS MMR No.03 dt 19.1.16 Santanu Kumar Mishra S/o Udayanath Mishra of Vill/PS Balanga male

43 yrs, Ht 5’11”, wheat, medium, wearing lungi & half shirt and he is a mental patient missing on 9.12.15

75 Seabeach PS MMR No.03 dt 15/01/16 Ganesh Rajak S/O Lt Munilal Rajak of Pandu Colony No 04 PS Jalukbari, City Guwahati, Assam Dist Kamrupm missing in front of Nilanjan Guest house, Puri male

53 yrs, Ht 5’8”, wheat, thin, wearing light pink colour shirt and black pant missing 7.1.16

76 Manu Mahakuda S/O Kumudini Bewa of Badadumulia, PS Bania, Dist Keonjhar Konark PS MMR No.03 dt 29/01/16 male

45yrs, Ht 5’3”, black, wearing black pant, lungi and white Baniyan who is abonormal person and semi mad, missing on 28.1.16

77 Pipili PS SDE No. 492 & MMR No.03 dt 22/01/16 Suraj Kumar Baral S/o Sadhu Ch Baral male

26 yrs, Ht 5’6”, fair, medium, wearing full pant & strip T shirt missing on 22.1.16

78 Nimapara PS MMR No.02 dt 16/01/16 Dibya Prakash Pradhan S/O Lt Pratap Pradhan of Jhampulakuda, PO-Bisnhupur male

age 22yrs, Ht 5’5”, sallow colour, sound, wearing full shirt missing on 14.1.16, Turn to UD Case SDE No.327 Dt.17.1.16

79 Seabeach PS MMR No.01 dt 02/01/16 Ranjan Kumar Jena S/O Shyamasundar Jena of vill Debir, PS Jajpur Sadar, Dist Jajpur was working as daily labour in OPDC filling station , Penthakata male

19yrs, Ht 5’1”, black, thin, wearing full pant and shirt missing on 2.1.16 & traced on 5.1.16

80 MMR No.28 dt 27/12/15 Jyoti Prakash Behera S/O Jogendra Behera of Kaliakana, Po Nagar, PS Astaranga male

18yrs, Ht 5’4”, fair, thin, wearing sky colour shirt Kakatpur PS missing on 04.12.15