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Man Missing

Sl No. Name of Police Station Name & parentage of missing child Gender Descriptive Particulars PS MMR No. & Case Ref. Traced (Date of recovery be mentioned) If traced reason for missing as ascertained during the investigation Photo
41 Brahmagiri PS MMR No.04 Dt.26/01/16 Sitakanta Das S/o.Late Daitari Singh of Vill/PS. Rajranpur Dist. Nayagarh male

Has been missing from Mauna Matha Ashram under Satapada age 50 yrs, Ht 5’6”, fair medium,wearing dhoti and Punjabi missing on 25.1.16

42 Town PS MMR No.01 Dt.13.1.16 Artatran Dikhit H/O Smt Krishna Dikhit of Harachandi sahi near Hanumangada male

60 yrs, Ht 5’4”, black complexion, squint eye, medium built, wearing dhoti and Punjabi missing on 30/01/16

43 Kausalyaganga OP (Pipili PS) MMR No 02 Dt.13.02.16 Dillip Kumar Rout H/O Tikina Rout of Bilipada, PS Pipili male

33yrs, 5’3”, wheat, medium, wearing jean pant and T shirt

44 Krushnaprasad PS MMR No.1 dt 24.2.16 SDE No 398 dt 24.2.16 Dillip Kumar Behera S/O Pradeep Kumar Behera of vill Santarapur, PS Balugaon Dist Khurdha male

26yrs, 5’5”, black, thin built traced on 26.2.16

45 Brahmagiri PS MMR No.06 Dt.25.02.16 Jeetendra Sahu S/O Jogendra Sahu of Gokhara, PS Brahmagiri, male

24yrs, 5’4”, wheat, wearing black colour pant and green colour ganjee

46 GadisagadaPS MMR No.02 dt 07/02/16 Case No 8 dt 7.2.16 U/S 363 IPC Krutibash Behera S/O Madhu Behera of Naikulapattana, PS Gadisagada male

DRs 16yrs, Ht 5’6”, fair, medium, round, grey colour hair, wearing half shirt and half shorts traced on 8.2.16.

47 Pipili PS MMR No.04 dt 04/02/16 Mamata Samal W/O Dillip Samal of Binayakpur, PS Pipili female

Age 27 yrs, Ht 5’6”, wheat, thin missing on 03.02.16

48 Brahmagiri PS MMR No.07 dt 27.02.16 Anupama Guntha D/O Jambeswar Guntha of Harapda, PS Brahmagiri female

22 yrs, 5’1”, fair, long, thin missing on 22.02.16

49 Pipili PS MMR No.06 Dt.26.02.16 Annapurna Bagha D/O Jayakrushna Bagha of Ghasadeipur, PS Nandighar, PS Odagaon, Dist NGR A/P Anugrahapur near Sidheswar temple, PS Pipili female

Age 24 yrs, 5’1”, fair, round, wearing black maroon and ghee colour chudidar punjabi missing on 25.2.16

50 Chandanpur PS MMR No.02 dt.22.2.16 Sabita Bhoi D/O Lt Panu Bhoi of Damadarpur, Telisahi Nala female

Age 19yrs, 5’, fair, wearing green colour chudidar and red colour punjabi missing on 22.02.16 & traced 25.02.2016.