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Man Missing

Sl No. Name of Police Station Name & parentage of missing child Gender Descriptive Particulars PS MMR No. & Case Ref. Traced (Date of recovery be mentioned) If traced reason for missing as ascertained during the investigation Photo
31 Delanga PS GDE No.13 & MMR No.01 dt.11.01.2017 Priyambada Priyadarshini D/o.Sujit Mallik of Vill. Dampur, PS. Delanga

She has been missing from his house on 08.01.2017 night, Drs of missing aged about 20Yrs, Ht. 5’2”, wheat complexion, medium built, wearing black chudidar

32 Gadisagada PS MMR No.01 dt.10.01.2017 Parimita Subudhi D/o.Madhusudhan Subudhi of Vill.Badurabara, PS. Gadisagada Dist Puri

She has been missing from her house on 09.01.2017at 5.00pm , Drs of missing, aged about 20Yrs, Ht. 5’4”, fair complexion, medium built, wearing plane saree

33 Astaranga marine PS MMR No.01 dt.11.01.2017 Laxmipriya Pati D/o.Purna ch Pati of Vill.Nanapur PO. Jhadling PS. Astaranga Dist Puri

She has been missing from Astaranga Market on 07.01.2017 , Drs of missing, aged about 21Yrs, Ht. 5’4”, wheat complexion, fat built,round face, wearing chudidar Punjabi

34 Seabeach PS MMR No.01 dt.09.01.2017 It is reported by one Chaitu Barik of Badikata, PS Jagadalpur, Dist. Baragarh that his elder brother Ganesh Barik male

DRs of missing age 65yrs, HT.5’3”, wheat complexion, medium built, round face, wearing white colour dhoti & white fatei and he can speak only Odiya

35 Gop PS SDE No.09 & MMR No.13 dt.29.12.2016 SaradhaNayak D/o.Sarbeswar Nayak of Vill. Olandi, PS Konark, Dist. Puri female

Was missing from his house since 28.12.16 night (.) Having the following DRs of missing age 21yrs, HT.5’3”, fair complexion, medium built, wearing chudidar punjabi

36 Konark PS Case No. 123 dt.31.12.2016 Linkina Behera D/o.Bishnu Behera of Dalimbagoradi, PS Konark, Dist. Puri female

Missing from Tutorial center near Forest I.B, Konark on 30.12.16 (.) Having the following DRs of missing age 16yrs, HT.4’9”, fair complexion, medium built, wearing white colour chudidar punjabi

37 Brahmagiri Case No. 38 dt.18.2.16 U/S 366-A / 506 IPC Samtita Kandi (15) D/O Sankar Kandi of Khilakantia, PS Brahmagiri female

Kidnapped by one Rohit Behera S/O Prafulla Behera of same village Drs Ht-4’8”, medium, medium, speaking odiya and English, wearing dress traced on 26.3.16.

38 Town PS Case no. 64 dt.24.3.16 U/s 363 IPC MMR No. 04 Tikimiki Nayak (17) D/O Purn Chandra Nayak of Markendeswar sahi, Samil Jamuna lane PS Town female

Ht 5’, black ,medium, wearing sky colour chudidar Punjabi missing on 20.03.16

39 Gadisagada Case No.12 dt 12/03/16 U/S 363/365 IPC Rachana Behera (16) D/O Niranjan Behera of Naikulapatna, PS Gadisagada female

Ht 4’10”, wheat, thin, wearing chudidar dress and one spot on her face, having one pair gold ring & one durga locket on her neck.Traced on 30.3.16

40 Baselisahi Case No.44 dt 12/03/16 U/S 363 IPC Priyanka Nayak (15) D/O Parbati Nayak and Narayan Nayak of Mangalaghat, PS Baselisahi, female

Age 15yrs, Ht 5’3”, fair, Medium, wearing blue colour school uniform and one burn mark on left side face.Traced on 12.03.15