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Stolen/Recovered Vehicle

Sl No. Case Ref. Type of Vehicle with Colour Regd. No. Chasis No. Engine No. Remarks
91 Kumbharpada PS case No.162 dt.20.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Super SPL. OD-21-8699 Stolen
92 Kumbharpada PS case No.158 dt.10.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Honda Shine (Black) OR-13F-5002 Stolen
93 Kumbharpada PS case No.157 dt.9.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Chevrolet Tavera Vehicle OR-02BM-8771 Stolen
94 Kumbharpada PS case No.155 dt.7.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda CBZ Extreme (Black) OR-13G-3051 Stolen
95 Kumbharpada PS case No.153 dt.4.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Bajaj Pulsar OR-02BR-9899 Recovered
96 Kumbharpada PS case No.151 dt.2.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Spl. “PRO”(Black) OR-13H-3087 MBLHA10ADCHB23231 HA10EHCHB28459 Stolen
97 Kumbharpada PS case No.149 dt.2.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Passion “PRO” OD-13-1938 MBLHA10AWCGL28359 HA10ENCGL19397 Recovered
98 Talabania PS Case No. 44 dt.2.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero HF Deluxe(Silver) OD-13A-6823 MBLHA11EWD9L18536 HA11EFD9L2531 Stolen
99 Talabania PS Case No. 47 dt.14.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Glamour “FI”(RED) OR-13H-7294 MBLJA06ABCGF0958 JA06EHCGF01918 Stolen
100 Satyabadi PS Case No. 179 dt.15.8.17 U/s 379 IPC Bajaj Pulsar OD-33H-5289 Stolen