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Stolen/Recovered Vehicle

Sl No. Case Ref. Type of Vehicle with Colour Regd. No. Chasis No. Engine No. Remarks
71 Talabania PS Case No.42 dt.16.7.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Passion “PRO”(Black & Red) OR-13F-9806 Recovered
72 Baselisahi PS Case No.71 dt.18.7.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Extreme OD-133812 MBLKC12EHCGL06196 KC12EECGL08685 Recovered
73 Baselisahi PS Case No.67 dt.08.7.17 U/s 379 IPC Bajaj Pulsar (Safari Blue) OD-13C-1155 MD2A11CZ2ECG31658 DHZCEG10998 Recovered
74 Kumbharpada PS Case No. 145 dt.23.7.17 U/s 379 IPC TVS Apache OR-13F-9294 Recovered
75 Town PS Case No. 112 dt.29.7.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Glamour OD-02L-3715 MBLSA06ACDGK16002 JA06EJDAK21024 Recovered
76 Baliapanda PS case No.59 dt.29.6.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Splender +Blue & White OD-13-3398 Recovered
77 Kumbharpada PS case No.107 dt.2.6.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Passion + GJ-13P-0616 Recovered
78 Satyabadi PS case No.144 dt.27.6.17 U/s 379/34 IPC Hero Honda Splender + OR-13D-4346 Recovered
79 Nimapada PS Case No.146 dt.23.5.2017 U/s 380 IPC Bajaj Discover (Black) OR-02BD-4447 Recovered
80 Kumbharpada PS Case No.104 dt.19.5.2017 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Splendor OD-13C-0524 Recovered