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Stolen/Recovered Vehicle

Sl No. Case Ref. Type of Vehicle with Colour Regd. No. Chasis No. Engine No. Remarks
121 Kumbharpada PS case No.84 dt.23.4.17 U/s 394 IPC black Bajaj Pulsar OD-19E-5366 MD2AIICZ4FCK24505 DHZCFK01375 Recovered
122 Kumbharpada PS case No.83 dt.21.4.17 U/s 379 IPC WHITEIndigo Car OD-02ADAD-1625 MAT661469GPB07452 4CRAIL08BTYW01966 Recovered
123 Kumbharpada PS case No.82 dt.20.4.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Glamour OD-33A-6022 Recovered
124 Kumbharpada PS case No.81 dt.19.4.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Splender+ OD-02BW-2796 Recovered
125 Kumbharpada PS case No.80 dt.19.4.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Passion PRO OR-13H-8753 MBLHA10AWCGH06685 HA10ENCGH36267 Recovered
126 Kumbharpada PS case No.78 dt.18.4.17 U/s 379 IPC Honda Dream Yoga OD-02J-6035 ME4JC588JDT015642 JCS8ET3089688 Recovered
127 Kumbharpada PS case No.77 dt.14.4.17 U/s 379 IPC Gray Hero Honda Glamour OD-13A-6699 Recovered
128 Kumbharpada PS case No.66 dt.5.4.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Passion PRO OR-13G-3449 MBLHA10EWBHE12636 HA10EDBHE13793 Recovered
129 Town PS case No. 54 dt.30.4.2017 U/s 379 IPC Hero Honda Splender PRO OR-13F-7827 MBLHA10ADA9L04483 - HA10EHA9L04896 Recovered
130 Town PS case No.53 dt.28.4.2017 U/s 379 IPC BlackHero Glamour OD-13D-4862 MBLJA06AMF9H13676 JA06EJF9H13401 Recovered