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Stolen/Recovered Vehicle

Sl No. Case Ref. Type of Vehicle with Colour Regd. No. Chasis No. Engine No. Remarks
1 Kanas PS Case No.138 dt.21.11.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Passion “PRO” (Black) OR-33B-4537 MBLHA10L6EHD29602 HA10ENEHP58306 Stolen
2 Kanas PS Case No.133 dt.20.11.17 U/s 379 IPC Honda Shine (Black) OR-02BT-6894 Recovered
3 Talabania PS case No.63 Dt.18.11.17 U/s.379/34 IPC Black colour CT100 OR-13C-0915 Recovered
4 Balanga PS case No.125 Dt.16.11.17 U/s.379IPC Hero Honda Splender + (Blue) OR-13H-2843 MBLHA10EYCHB68643 Stolen
5 Nimapara PS case No.281Dt.5.11.17 U/s.379IPC Honda CB – shine Black) BR-24Q-2664 Stolen
6 Nimapara PS case No.297 Dt.26.11.17 U/s.379IPC TVS Appachi 180-CC(New Green) OD-13-8827 MDC34KE4XC2G11487 OL4GC2397763 Stolen
7 Konark PS Case No. 141 Dt.28.11.17 U/s 379/411/34 IPC TVS Star City (Blue) OR-02AS-8578 Recovered
8 Kumbharpada PS Case No. 211Dt.17.11.17 U/s 379 IPC Bajaj Pulsar OD-05-L-2270 Recovered
9 Town PS Case No. 172 Dt.20.11.17 U/s 379 IPC H.H Glamour OR02BS-1383 MBLJAOEUBGJ06359 JA06EFBGJ06984 Stolen
10 Singhadwar PS Case No. 83 Dt.24.11.17 U/s 379 IPC Hero Glamour OD135053 Stolen